Komodo Kingdom Exterior Photo 1, Zoo Architecture
Komodo Kingdom Exterior Photo 1, Zoo Architecture   Komodo Kingdom Exterior Photo 2, Zoo Architecture   Komodo Kingdom Interior Photo 1, Zoo Architecture   Komodo Kingdom Interior Photo 2, Zoo Architecture   Komodo Kingdom Interior Photo 3, Zoo Architecture
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TC Architects was selected to provide full Architectural and Interior Design services for this 35,000 square foot facility which is located on an under developed portion of the Zoo’s property. This facility is the Zoo’s showpiece, featuring sustainable architecture and imaginative design. The building’s design features energy saving mechanical and electrical systems and natural lighting and ventilation.  Our Project Team obtained LEED Certification for the facility, reinforcing the Zoo’s mission of conservation and species survival. This facility is the arrival point for school and community groups visiting the park, utilizing its educational classrooms, research library, and distance learning studio. Zoo visitors may also enter the building from the main exhibition path and encounter a 6,000 square foot exhibit space with interactive displays and traveling exhibits. The animal exhibits provide natural habitats for Komodo Dragons, Galapagos Tortoises, and Chinese Alligators along with a bird mews. A themed dining environment draws Zoo visitors and private partygoers to the facility by providing both indoor and outdoor dining venues. The outdoor dining area’s trellised landscaping provides shade in the hot summer months and will be integrated with the future interactive playground.
Features of the upper level of Komodo Kingdom include:

  • Donor wall
  • The Akron Zoological Park’s first indoor dining facility, for 180 people
  • Covered and open air outdoor dining for up to 120 people
  • Indoor Komodo Dragon exhibit and off-exhibit holding as well as a custom designed Komodo Dragon transport/squeeze unit
  • Chinese Alligator exhibit and off-exhibit holding with additional off-exhibit aquatic holding capacity
  • Galapagos Tortoise indoor exhibit with a future outdoor exhibit
  • 6,000 square foot exhibit hall for traveling exhibits

Features of the lower level of Komodo Kingdom include:

  • Animal Ambassadors holding area with separate reptilian “Hot Room”   * This is the first time that the Akron Zoological Park has shown glimpses of “behind the scenes” care for the animals used in their educational experiences.
  • Indoor Animal Ambassador exercise area
  • Outdoor mews
  • Outdoor animal exercise area
  • Three educational classrooms
  • Staff work area
  • Resource Library

The Akron Zoological Park received an Excellence Award, in 2006, for their continued support of sustainable design initiatives from the Akron Chapter of the AIA.

This project was featured in the October 2005 issue of Properties Magazine.