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TC Architects recently completed a two-phased renovation, which consisted of a toddler and adolescent unit, at the main tower, 6th floor of ACH. The renovation focused on promoting interactive patient care. We accomplished this by providing three distinct Zones: Patient, Family and Caregiver (Staff) within each room.

With the necessity for seamless communication, the existing Patient Boards were replaced with larger, more interactive boards. The new boards are easily viewable form all three zones.

The Patient Zone includes:

  • Colorful, nurturing, non-stressful environment
  • Reduction of visual clutter
  • Lockable wardrobe / storage
  • Shelving for personal items, DVD players or gaming systems
  • Larger HD TV

The Family Zone Includes:

  • Pull-out sleeper sofa with high performance / antimicrobial upholstery
  • Adjustable height table for working, dining or play
  • Additional outlets, allowing family members to stay “plugged in”

The Caregiver (Staff) Zone includes:

  • Solid surface countertops with integrated sink; located by the door to promote hand washing
  • WOW bedside charting
  • Dimmable LED lighting over patient bed
  • Soiled linen and trash located beneath the dry work zone
  • Slip-restraint, anti-fatigue flooring
  • Antimicrobial cubical curtains