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The interior design of Dr. Hill’s new facility is stunning. They have created small environments within the waiting room for you and you’re pet to enjoy your time in their hospital.  The hospital’s design, features fear free colors because animals see the world differently from us. Everything about the new facility was perfect except the noise level. The noise level of this fear free veterinary practice did nothing to reduce stress for the patients or staff. Their plans to take the pet out of petrified was not as successful as they had hoped, until they hired TC Architects to help reduce the noise levels in the waiting area and in the kennels. TC Architects provided numerous design options to help in improve the Sound Transmission Class (STC) of the spaces without out detracting from the feature landscape mural.

TC Architects produced sketches of 5 different options to reduce the noise level in the waiting room. The chosen solution was to add acoustical clouds that follow the same elliptical shapes as the floor pattern and hang them at 2 different levels and adding acoustical panels on both ends of the space waiting room which would start at the top of the windows and extend up to the ceiling. The panel spacing is to be the same width as the window mullions and have the panels match your wall color. The acoustical panels are to match the ceiling and wall colors to help them blend in. A similar solution was designed for the kennels.

TC Architects suggested a variety of product options available internationally that would increase STC’s and still meet this practice’s goals to be a green business and environmentally conscious. Cleaning sound absorbing elements was also concern and TC Architects suggested a variety of dust reducing practices.